The Old Atlanta Road Site where Judge
                         Glass' Home stood found in 1985-86


This area between the Little Cotton Indian Creek and Brannan Road saw action during the March to
the Sea.  Even though it was a small event and it had a negligible effect on the movements of the
Union troops.  But it was important for the moral of the local militia and the soldiers left to defend the
area.  There were survey's conducted of the area in 1985 and 1986.  The remains of Civil War relics
were recovered.  Some were
sent for further analysis and some were kept by the landowner.
The real shame is that development has destroyed a treasure of the Civil War.  This began in the
1950's with the building of the Clayton County Resevior on the Little
Cotton Indian Creek.  This  destroyed the remains of the bridge that the Union Army
used to cross the creek along the old Flat Rock-McDonough Rd.  Further development
has all but destroyed whatever was left of that earlier time at this site.  The former
landowners are gone and all that remains are these few records of survery's conducted for history and
for future generations.
The site was not important enough to be looked at by the National Park Service because it did not
meet the criteria of a major influence on the war but it did
as stated before aid in the moral of the remaining Confederate forces in the area
who were left to defend the area from the Union menace.


1. Records of Civil War Group of the 1980's.
2. Survey's and maps created by field research.
3. Research into former owner's through Henry County.
                         "Site Along Old Atlanta Road Henry County"
                                                     Part One

There was a site discovered in October 1985 SE of present day Stockbridge at and near the Little
Cotton Indian Creek and further south to and around Brannan Road.  This site was part of the
March to the Sea activities of November 1864.  Earlier in the beginning of October 1864, General
Joseph Wheeler CSA had been placing men along the roads to the south of Atlanta in anticipation
of a move by  General William
T. Sherman USA.
The Landowner of the property of former Judge Glass (who owned the land during the Civil War)
contacted our old group about finding Civil War relics in their field.  The property is located on the
east side of Hwy 42 south of the Little Cotton Indian Creek before the intersection of Brannan
Road.  Our team did a search  of the area in question and found several .58 cal bullets (some fired)
especially at the ridge line of the hill.
The last week of October till the second week of November 1985 our group conducted ten
searches from the creek to the top of the hill on the owners property. She was a big help herself in
that she enjoyed searching.  Grid searches were done with metal detecting devices and when target
areas were found screen searches were done.  About 30 artifacts from the Civil War were found on
the property up to the house area.  These were mostly bullets.  We did a small photographic survey
of the Glass Cemetery on the south corner of Brannan Rd and Hwy 42.  We returned to the hill
across from the old house to find more artifacts mostly bullets.  Through research we learned that
the Atlanta Road came into today's Hwy 42 near Brannan Road and the area to the west at the
Pates Creek there were the remains of the bridge.  General Hazen USA used this road to make his
way to McDonough. The old road from McDonough to Flat Rock was east of where Hwy 42 is
today and crossed the Little Cotton Indian Creek where the Clayton County Resevior is today.  
This is where the advanced guard of General Francis Blair's 17th Corps met the Confederates
which was part of General Iverson's Cavalry who tried to burn the bridge.  It was quickly repaired
and the Union Army moved on.  The actions of the Confederate Cavalry who were posted at the
creek and over the hill delayed the Union force enough that they only went from Stockbridge to
Walnut Creek north of McDonough on this day.


1. O.R. Records of the March to the Sea , Washington DC.
2. Field work and visits to Archives in Atlanta 1985.
                             "Site Along Old Atlanta Road Henry County"
                                                 Part Two

The group returned to the site at the beginning of the new year on January 7, 1986 after a break.  
During this time we did more research into the area by interviewing another former owner of the
property. That will be discussed in another section.
A search was conducted  for three weeks where we found the sites of a slave compound, and two
slave cemeteries on the property.  We used metal detecting devices to locate further  artifacts from
the area from the top of the hill down to Brannan Road.  Across the road from the house was
found the remains of a pair of US Infantry boots.  Parts of the leather was still intact with the oddly
shaped iron heels of the boots present.  This search has been very educational about this site not
only to our group but to the landowner as well.
                                    "Interview With Former Owner"
                                         December 1985

I and an associate conducted an interview with the former owners of the property who wished to
remain anonymous for personal reasons.  We respect their position.  This
interview lasted over a period of three days for four hours a day in December 1985.
The former owner's mother had gotten the land in about 1915. She was the second owner after
the Glass Family.  Then this gentleman got the property in 1946.  He stated that the old bridge
across the Little Cotton Indian Creek for the old Flat Rock-McDonough Rd. was east of Hwy
42 by about a half to three quarters of a mile.  He owned all the land from the creek to Brannan
Road and half way to Springdale Rd.
He remembers finding a small cannon barrel and a portion  of another cannon in 1935 as a
teenage boy along the creek near the remains of he old bridge.  In 1942, his older brother who
was very interested with archaeology and history took the artifacts to Atlanta and gave them to a
friend named Wilbur Kurtz who had made three trips with him to the site.  Of course Mr. Kurtz
was the renowned historian of the Civil War especially of the Atlanta Campaign.
The  former owner also described  in detail the old slave compound that had it's ruins still
remaining on the property and he tore the ruins down because they were dangerous.  He had
even found the old shackles that were placed on the slaves.  He and his family had found the two
slave cemeteries and would keep them clean.  They were marked only with fieldstones.  The
former owner and his wife said that during planting season he would plow up Civil War era
bullets and he had even found two
cannon balls near the creek.
This gentleman also told us about the Glass Cemetery on the south corner of the intersection of
Brannan Rd and Hwy 42.  When our group visited the cemetery it was extremely overgrown and
hard to find.
This former owner was a  tremendous help in providing  some much needed information  about
the  things he and his family had found.  He sold the property
to Clayton County  Water Department in 1955 for them to develop a new lake for drinking
water.  Nothing remains today in the area of the old road except a few small  sections grown over.
                       "Example of Artifacts Located at Old Atlanta
                                  Road Site 1985-86"

There were several good artifacts located during the searches during the Fall of 1985 and winter
of 1986.

The List:                                                        Total:
1. .58 Cal bullets dropped                                  35
2. .58 Cal bullets fired                                        45
3. Cannister balls fired                                          4
4. Georgia State Militia Buckle                               1
5. CSA button                                                      1
6. Knife handle                                                     1
7. 1861 Penny                                                     1
8. Breast Plate U.S.                                               2
9. Remains of boots                                               1
10. Remains of US Canteen                                   1
11. Colt's Dragoon barrel                                       1
12. U.S. cookware                                                2
13. Round musket balls                                          25
14. Many farm implements                                     10

These were the artifacts that were found.  The property owner retained most of the artifacts as
per written agreement.  We were to document the artifacts and the site
for historical purpose's.