Panola Road Site

A developer called our group in to examine an area along Panola Road west of East Atlanta Road in NW Henry
County in April 1988.  He had discovered several Minnie Balls from the Civil War era.  We looked at the location
for seven days.  Metal detection devices and screening was used.  The piece of property was a home site and
was  approximately 150’ by 250’.  Two areas were concentrated and a grid search conducted. Artifacts were
found and this area coincides with the CSA attempt to slow the March to the Sea in November 1864.

Artifacts recovered:
1.        15 dropped .58 cal bullets
2.        6 fired .58 cal bullets
3.        7 fired .69 cal balls
4.        Fragment of US box plate
5.        6 inch blade from knife
6.        1 flower button
7.        2 brass hooks
8.        1 iron boot heel
9.        1 Rossette
10.        1 iron stirrup

These artifacts were tagged and shipped for analysis.

1.        O.R. Washington DC.
2.        Atlas of the Civil War.