Pate’s Creek Site

The site was located at where the old bridge crossed Pates Creek to the west of old Glass’ Crossing.  The
weather was cold in February and the site was located on the east side of the old bridge supports.  Artifacts were
found from the Civil War period.  Metal Detection devices and screening was used to survey the area.  The site
was examined for three days because other sites were being examined.

Artifacts found:
1.        10 dropped .58 cal bullets
2.        5 dropped .36 cal balls
3.        Knapsack hooks
4.        Scabbard tip
5.        1 US button

This site was decided to be a location where Union troops crossed and one lost their knapsack and a few other
belongings.  All artifacts were tagged and sent for further examination.

1.        The Civil War Atlas, 1898.
2.        Official O.R. Washington, DC.