Prisoners Taken at Stockbridge

There were Confederate troops on station in and around Stockbridge that were part of the 30th
Georgia and there were men captured in and around the area.   Here are two examples of men from
Henry County who were captured.
The first is John D. Rodgers, Pvt. 30th Ga. He entered the service of the CSA on September 25,
1861 and became Sergeant of his company.  On the morning of September 6, 1864 he had finished
witnessing a paper about the gentleman who owned the Tannery at Snapping Shoals who wanted to
leave the service and return to the tannery because it would serve the war effort.  The message was
sent to Gen. Smith and Gen. Hood.  This was in the morning.  After returning to his post at
Stockbridge from McDonough he was captured by Union Raiders at that site.  He was sent to Camp
Douglas, Illinois and was released on May 12, 1865.
The second is Johnson C. Turner, Pvt. 30th Ga.  He entered the service of the CSA at Stockbridge
on December 15, 1862.  He became 2nd Sergeant of his company.  He was captured by a foraging
party at Stockbridge on October 5, 1864.  He was taken
to Camp Douglas, Illinois on November 2, 1864.  He was then transferred to Point Lookout, MD for
exchange on February 21, 1865. He was admitted to General Hospital at Richmond, VA on March
1, 1865. He was furloughed for 30 days on March 6, 1865.  Sgt. Turner wsa born in Henry County
on December 10, 1832.
These are examples of soldiers captured in Henry County as the Civil War came to
the area in 1864.


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