"Hwy 138 at Reeves Creek Site 1986"
                   Woods & Hazens Division Camp during the
                                   March to the Sea

This area just west of I-75 is just SW of Mill Rd to Spivey Rd.  Also, east of this position on the
north side of Hwy 138 at Daniel Drive.  The first location is in Henry
County the second is in Clayton County.  The area  is the campsite for Woods and Hazens
Divisions of the 15 Corps of the Right Wing during the March to the Sea.
At the site along Reeves Creek south of Hwy 138 were found several nice artifacts.
Also, at the corner where Daniel Drive and Hwy 138 intersect east of above site were found more
nice artifacts.  The ground at this site has been disturbed  due to construction of a new shopping
center.  Metal detecting devices were used and screen sifting methods were incorporated at both
sites.  The site was worked on for 3 weeks.


1. O.R. Washington DC.
2. March to the Sea Marker Hwy 42. (Now Missing)