"Resaca Site 1989"

I was asked by a group from Calhoun, GA to help one weekend with a survey being done of part of
the Resaca Battle area.  The site was located where the Camp Creek meets the Oostanaula River
west of the railroad.  This area would be where Woods division USA met Vaughn's division CSA on
May 15, 1864.  The Calhoun group had been examining the area for over a year.  I was asked for
technical support for a weekend in 1989.  The site had yielded several artifacts from the fighting that
had took place on this site.  The group  was working with the National Park Service and the State of
Georgia to gather information for a possible future park in the area.  Several groups from
Chattanooga, Rome, and the AHS were working on the project.  My job
was to catalog artifacts and mark the map where artifacts were found.  This was a good experience
and I met several good researchers from the area.