"The Right Wing at Liberty Church and Indian Springs, Butts County"

The Right Wing of Sherman's Army on November 17, 1864 being led by the 15th Corps marched
from McDonough to Jackson.  Just below Locust Grove Wood's and Hazen's divisions turned right to
avoid Jackson and camped at Liberty Church.  Then on the 18th Woods and Hazen moved to Indian
Springs and encamped there while
waiting their turn to cross the Ocmulgee River at Planter's Factory approximately six
and a half miles to the east.  There was consternation among the civilians in the area
of Indian Springs and the 100th Indiana Infantry was detailed to keep order in the town.  General
Kilpatrick's Cavalry held the flank on the Towaliga River. The people of
Butts County faced the same problems the people of Henry County faced. The campsite at the Old
Liberty Church was examined by our group in 1986.  We used metal detecting devices and screen
methods.  We were allowed to look for 3 days for the National Park Service survey.

Artifacts Recovered:
1. 6 dropped .36 cal balls
2. 10 dropped .58 cal bullets
3. 3 dropped .69 cal balls
4. 15 pieces of melted lead
5. 1 bullet mold
6. 1 harmonica parts
7. 2 Eagle buttons US
8. 1 picket pin

These artifacts were labeled, mapped, and packed for shipping for the NPS and AHS.

1. O.R. Washington DC.
2. Georgia Civil War Commission Records.
3. Information form reports by Wilbur Kurtz AHS.