"Campsite Near Rosser Road E. of McDonough"

The Militia and Confederate army had a small campsite just east of Rosser Road
to the north of Hwy 81.  There were 7 rifle pits on the west side of Rosser Road
in the field. This area has since been developed into a subdivision.  The site was
first viewed by some of our members in 1972.  The residents of the area had
plowed up several pieces over the years from the war time.
This site is in conjunction with a network of small sites located along the key
roadways in the county which were prepared by the CS army and the Militia to
slow the progress of W.T. Sherman's USA army through the county.  From records researched there
were several of these small sites located throughout the length of the county.  This site was just east of
McDonough and close to the Jackson Road
which would be a perfect location for this type of set up.
In 1986, the group surveyed the area with metal detecting devices and found several
items from the Civil War era.  They will be listed below.

1. Approx. 20 fired .58 Cal bullets
2. 1 bayonet
3. 2 buttons
4. Approx. 15 dropped .58 Cal bullets
5. 1 gold pocket watch
6. 1 entrenching tool
7. small picture frame case with tin type photo (decayed condition)

This site was forgotten for many years.  There was once a marker at the corner
of Old Jackson Road and Hwy 81 which discussed this site.  The marker is now
gone and it was originally placed by The Georgia Historical Commission in 1957.


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