"Rough and Ready Civil War Site"
                                         Surveyed 1979

Our old group investigated the area known as Rough and Ready where a tavern was located.  It was
also a key point along the railroad.  General S.D. Lee CSA used this point in his march to cover
General John B. Hood CSA as he evacuated Atlanta.
This point was also used by Generals Sherman and Hood to transfer the citizens from Atlanta to
Lovejoy Station.  The two armies had a truce at this location while citizens
were brought by train to waiting wagons at Rough and Ready.  Then they were taken
to Lovejoy Station to get on another train to Macon, Georgia.
The Confederate army had built a trench system and earthworks at this place.  The
goal was to protect the railroad junction ot the Macon Railroad and West Point Railroad.  During the
search of the area artifacts were found from the Civil War
time.  Digging tools, dropped bullets, and a few buttons were found along the trench line location.  
Included is a map and description of the area where the trench line
was located. This area was originally part of Henry County until 1858 before becoming part of Clayton

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4. Historical Marker, Rough and Ready, (now Mtn. View) 1957.
5. Site work by our group.