"Shields Rd Site Small Site
                                 Hwy 42 near old Brush Creek
                                 1986 at original western City
                                        Limit of Stockbridge


In October 1986 the area along the Brush Branch form Shields Rd to Hwy 42 was examined.  The
area yielded some spotty artifacts from the Civil War Era. This activity
would have been in November 1864 during the March to the Sea.  Mostly farming implements and
tools from storage barns were found.  There was one site that appeared
to be a small campsite just off of Shields Rd at the Branch.  This area was a Confederate site.  Also,
on the hill above Hwy 42 across from the old entrance to Stockbridge there were some Confederate
earthworks.  Some Artifacts were discovered.  This area was disrupted by the widening of the
highway and the development of a water storage tank.  The property owner advised that their property
was scheduled for development in the next months and we had the opportunity to examine this area for
three days.


1. March to the Sea Marker from 1957.
2. Map showing area of Stockbridge when the Confederates were there waiting for
 Union Army in the March to the Sea.