"Shingleroof Campground-It's beginning, Civil War era
                                         and to today"

The Shingleroof Campground is a landmark of Methodism in Henry County.  The property was
acquired for the campground in 1831.  Some of the original trustees were  Levi Turner, Benjamin
Crabb, William Greer, David Clements, and I.P. Pair.  The location of this campground was ideal
being in the center of the county and only a few short miles north of McDonough.  There are natural
springs on the property so as to give plenty of water.  The name Shingleroof came from the
tabernacle which had wooden shingles for the roof.
When the Civil War broke out many hundreds of men were mustered out of  this location.  
Campmeetings were held in 1861, 1862, and 1863 while the war was raging mainly well to the north
and west of this area in other states.  The attendance was very small and War news was the talk of
the meetings. On September 1, 1863, Dr. Manson conducted the funeral for Lt. John Selfridge who
had died in service to the CSA. The Confederate Veterans used the campground to hold their
reunions after the war.
As the years passed people built their tents on the grounds and were ready for the annual
campmeetings. The Shingleroof Campground suffered serious damage during the tornado of
December 24, 1964.  But everything was repaired.  The State of Georgia placed a historical marker
at the site in 1981.  The campground is still in use today as many people enjoy the campmeeting held
at the end of August.


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