The Zachry House Now at Nash Farm Park
                      Originally the Adam C. Sloan House
                                   McDonough, Georgia

   Adam C. Sloan was a Captain Co. B 10th Georgia Calvary which was known as
the Henry County Guards or as the Henry County Calvary.  Mr. Sloan was born about
1808 in South Carolina and came on horseback alone to McDonough when he was 16
years old.  He was a real pioneer as the story is told and his trade was as a blacksmith.
He later became a merchant in McDonough.  In 1832, he is found on record buying
lots in McDonough.  He was a civic leader; found on the Inferior Court Records, school
boards, and he was of the Baptist faith.
   On October 26, 1832, he married Elizabeth Ann Johnson, formerly of North Carolina, and the
service was performed by the Rev. James Gamble, in Henry County.
She was the sister of James Johnson who was appointed Provisional Governor of Georgia in July
1865 and he served for one year.  He used the Sloan House as his
place of residence while he worked in this capacity.

                      "History of the House"
On February 8, 1840, Adam C. Sloan bought from David Clements two town lots in McDonough.
 Lots No. 7 and 10 of the five acre lots.  (Ref: Book J. page 232).
Mr. Sloan built his permanent residence here in 1840.
Newspaper article: "Captain Adam Sloan was foully murdered at age 85, by a prowling robber
Sunday night at 10:00 P.M.  He had gone to bed and his wife and
niece witnessed the attack.  This was December 29, 1893."   Henry County lost a
good and valuable citizen.
   Col. Charles T. Zachry bought the Sloan House on December 4, 1903.  He had moved his
family again to McDonough from the Castle Mound at the Peachstone Shoals.  He had lived in two
other homes in McDonough during 1888 while he served in public office. In that year , he occupied
the Judge Nelson home until
December and then moved into the octagonal home of Professor Featherstone
on New Street which is today's College Street.  Col. Zachry after the Civil War
had built the Castle Mound at the Peachstone Shoals in 1870.  It remained his
residence until he moved to McDonough in 1903 when he had it burned.  Col. Zachry passed away
on February 9, 1906.  He had lived in the Adam Sloan House
for 2 years and 2 months.  The Sloan family lived in the house for 63 years.

   It is interesting that two well known Civil War leaders from Henry County lived
in this home.  The house will always be known as the Sloan House in honor of
Capt. Adam C. Sloan.  He had help to create the McDonough we enjoy today.

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