"Site South of Chickamauga Battlefield 1979"

This site was located five miles south of the battlefield on the east side of Hwy  27.
The property was owned by family who had found Civil War artifacts ever since
moving there in 1919.  They had on display shell fragments, bullets, and accouterments from the war.  
They let our group search the back of their property for three days in June 1979.  We used metal
detection devices and screening methods to search for artifacts.  This site was examined with
cooperation with the National Park Service and the property owner.

Artifacts found:
1. 28 .58 cal bullets fired and unfired
2. 2 shell fragments
3. 1 solid 12 pound shot
4. 2 CSA buttons
5. 1 half of a bayonet

The site appears to be an advance skirmish site before the main battle at Chickamauga
1. We would like to thank the Bullard Family for graciously letting us look upon their property.
2. O.R. Records Washington DC.
3. Lafayette Historical Society
4. National Park Service.

          "The Battle of Chickamauga Overview"
The Battle took place in the days of September 18-20, 1863 between the armies
of General Rosecrans USA and General Bragg CSA.  The Confederates had superior
numbers with 66,300 men to the Union force of 58, 200 men.  This battle would be a victory for the
CSA by driving Rosecrans back toward Chattanooga.  During this battle, General John Bell Hood
CSA, who had been wounded in the left arm at Gettysburg was struck in the leg by a Minie Ball.  His
leg would have to be amputated.  He would later become the commanding General for the CSA
during the Atlanta Campaign.

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