"McDonough-Spring Street Site"

Our group surveyed the area from the corner of Spring Street at Atlanta Street to Lawrenceville Street
in McDonough.  This area included the old village site area of McDonough.  The area was surveyed
for four weeks in 1986.  This area included
the Confederate Hospital site on Academy Hill.  The rock pillars still remained for three
structures on the hill north of the Big Spring.  Metal detecting devices and screen sifting methods were
used.  Our group the S.A.H.R.G. worked closely to research the area.
The house on the corner of Spring Street and Atlanta Street was set for demolition.  The grounds were
examined.  Some Civil War era artifacts were discovered on these grounds.
The Artifacts:
1. 2 dropped .58 cal bullets
2. 1 US Buckle with damage
3. 5 US Buttons Eagle type
4. 2 knapsack hooks
5. 1 picket pin
Also found around the house were relics from 163 years of McDonough history.
The site where the pillars of the old structures was examined.  This area was thickly
over grown and the area was very infested with ants.  Some Civil War era artifacts
were discovered within this area.
These artifacts that were found:
1. 5 dropped .69 cal balls
2. 2 CS buttons
3. 1 rare Revolutionary War Colonial button
4. A broken tin type photo
5. boot heels
The area was filled with artifacts from different times of the history of the area.
This site was very interesting.
Then we proceeded to survey the area where the Civil War hospital was located.
Again, the grounds had years of artifacts. There was found the hole where the surgeons materials were
buried after surgeries on limbs.
The Artifacts:
1. 8 fired .58 cal bullets
2. Civil War eating untensils
3. 6 gromlets
4. Surgeons materials

1. O.R. Washington DC
2. General J.B. Hood Advance and Retreat
3. Official Atlas of the Civil War