"Mufreesboro, TN-Stones River Site 1989"

The Calhoun Research group asked for my technical help at a site being studied by them and a
Nashville Historical Group for the National Park Service.  I went for a
four day weekend to a site identified as where Hanson's division CSA was at the eastern side of
Stone's River north of Mufreesboro.  The site had yielded many artifacts from the Confederate side.  I
helped plot artifacts on grid maps and tag same artifacts for shipment to Nashville.  This action took
place here during the last two days of December 1862 and January 3, 1863.  It was General Bragg
CSA against General Rosecrans Union forces.  The two armies together numbered over 75,000 men.  
Union forces forced the CSA forces to move south as they could not take the Union
force.  Several nice artifacts were discovered by searchers during this weekend in 1989.
Tiring but rewarding work.