The Thompson Brothers of Henry County

An article from the Weekly Advertiser of 1965 speaks of Mrs. Anna Underwood
Thompson who was the mother of twelve children.  She had ten sons in the
Army at one time serving well the cause of the CSA from Henry County.  Only
six of these men would find themselves home again.
Mrs. Thompson was born in 1810 and passed away in 1901.  She was the wife
of Robert Thompson born 1807 and died in 1884.  The family lived near the
Snapping Shoals during the war period.
Mr. Lemuel Harris Thompson born 1838 and died 1912 was one of those who
returned home.  He lived near Bethany Church and was the father of Walter
Greer Thompson  writer for the Henry County Weekly.
This family turned out some brave young men who fought and died for what
they believed.  Many came and went but the family still stood.

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