"Turner Church Road Civil War Campsite
                          East of McDonough   Surveyed 1979"

During the March to the Sea there was a campsite across the road from the Old
Sharon Baptist Church Cemetery.  It was the Union Army brigade under Gen. Blair's 17th Corps on
it's March to the Sea.  Our group surveyed the site and found some few objects from  the Civil War.  
They included  a cooking pot with 1861 US stamped on the bottom and made in Boston, Mass.   The
other items found were two dropped
.69 cal bullets and harmonica parts.  According  to research the original Sharon Baptist Church was
next to the cemetery.  The month was November and it was turning cold.
The Union soldiers tore the church down for wood to make camp fires.  We tried to get access to
other property around this site but were denied.  There is a high probability of further campsites and
artifacts in the immediate area surrounding the old church site and cemetery.

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