Union Site Near Flat Shoals Church NE Henry Co.
                                                    Survey 1986

Approximately one mile south of the church there was a site discovered that was a Union
camp likely from the foraging of October 1864.  At this site the owner wished to remain
anonymous.  The site was searched for five days in 1986.  Metal detection devices and a new
ground sonar device were used.  And screening was done.  

Artifacts recovered:
1.        5 dropped Gardner bullets
2.        6 dropped  .58 cal bullets
3.         3 dropped .69 cal round balls
4.         melted lead and mold
5.        1 US cook pot
6.        Jews harp
7.        2 Eagle buttons
8.        1 US box plate

All artifacts well tagged ad prepared for shipment for further study.

1.        Atlas of the Civil War, 1898/

‘    2. Records of foraging  Wm. T. Sherman Atlanta Campaign/