Union Site During Foraging of 1864 Hwy 155
                                                     Surveyed 1988

The property owner wished that the site remain anonymous, but it does lie on the west side of Hwy
155 north of Kelleytown Rd.  The site was found by the property owner.
The site was investigated and was found to be a Union campsite likely from the October 1864
foraging party sent from Atlanta by Gen. Sherman.  Metal detection devices were used and
screening methods were also began.  Artifacts from the period were found.

Artifacts found:
1.1        US box plate
2. 3 picket pins
3. 1 broken cook pot
4. 4 .69 cal.balls
5. 1 US Eagle button
6. Box percussion caps
7. Wagon tool marked US

These artifacts were marked and shipped.  The site was a camp for one of the foraging parties of
October 1864.

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2.        Atlas of the Civil War