"Upton's Creek Union Camp Site"
                                              Survey 1988

This was a campsite during the March to the Sea on November 15, 1864.  The 17th Corps camped
astride the Upton's Creek a tributary of the Big Cotton-Indian Creek.
The area was along Double Bridges Rd.  Our group found this Union site and some artifacts were
discovered.  We used metal detecting devices and grid search methods to search the area for 3 days
in 1988.

The artifacts list:
1. 2 Eagle buttons US
2. 4 dropped .69 cal balls
3. 3 dropped Williams cleaners bullets
4. 12 dropped .58 cal bullets
5. 1 round lead poker chip
6. 1 1846 penny
7. farming utensils
8. kepi hook
9. knap sack hook


1. Georgia Historical Commission work by Wiliam Kurz, 1957.
2. O.R. Records Washington DC.