How History is Interpreted

As years pass, generations change, and political scenes are created we find that history is
often written of in the context of the time it is written.  The following piece below will show
how over the years different viewpoints of the Civil War era have been written about to show
the views of that time they were written.
Many times the facts about historical issues can be distorted.  The Civil War is no different.  
After doing tireless research in the areas of archival documents of the period is the only true
way to see how the period was truly seen.  When battles and skirmishes are written about by
various historians of different periods they often put their touch or spin on the act being
discussed.  Often many of these historians have never read or been a part of a team who
investigate the site of a battle or read through tons of articles and diaries from the time.  
Hopefully, below will give one an idea of how over the decades the Civil War has been seen
in different lights.

The Staff at the B&M CWRG