Walt Stephens Site

There was a small campsite for the Union army  which was likely a forward group for the Union force
camped at Reeves Creek which was at where Hwy 138  just west of I-75 today.  The Walt Stephens
site was discovered by the property owner.  We were contacted and a two day survey of the site was
conducted.  This area is WSW of Stockbridge in western Henry County.  The site yielded a few
artifacts.  These were catalogued and sent for further analysis.

Artifacts recovered:
1. 5 dropped .58 cal bullets
2. 1 dropped Williams Cleaner bullet
3. 1 US box plate
4. 8 .69 cal balls
5. 2 US eagle buttons
6. 1 pocket knife

References :
1. O.R. Records Washington DC.
2. Atlas of the Civil War.