"Overview of the Following Events as Pertaining to
                                NE Henry County and the White Family"
                                               *Civil War Era*

In the following submission will be found records of the White Family of NE Henry County, Georgia
and along the DeKalb County line and showing their presence there during the Civil War and the
Atlanta Campaign.
                         Outline of Review

1. The Text of Events
  A. Claims Commission Records of Thomas White
  B. Claims Commission Records of William C. White
  C. Claims Commission Records of Mary A. White
2. Application for Pension of Widow by Elizabeth White
  A. Eyewitness Account of Skirmish at Flat Rock
3. Maps of Area
  A. Foraging area 1864
  B. Map showing Distances
  C. Map showing West side of Flat Rock
  D. Map showing East side of Flat Rock
4. Photo of General Geary
5. References
                                               "Archival Records of some Original
                                       Families of Flat Rock Before and
                                       During the Civil War"
                                       Claims Commission Records

The White Family settled the area of NE Henry County which became Flat Rock due
to the flat rocks in the area.  According to records Thomas White was one of the first
settlers in the area which became annexed into DeKalb County but he still had land in Henry County
along Hearn Rd north of Panola Rd.
The archives has the documents where the White Family and other witnesses describe the actions of
the Union Army who came to the area in the Summer and Fall of 1864.  Mrs. Elizabeth White
described the military actions of July 28-29, 1864 when General Joe Wheeler, CSA came to her
home and received food and water.  She could hear the gunfire from the Flat Rock or Panola Shoals
area during the time that Wheeler met
General Kenner Garrard, USA during the Stoneman Raid. (see copies)
Then the people of the are discuss the foraging activities of the Union Army during October 11-14,
1864 in the area.  There are several of the residents who filed claims in 1871 for the items taken  by
raiders during the Civil War.  The Claim Commission would hear and make a decision on the matter.
In these records, it describes the scope of the foraging which took place in the area. There were
several camps set up across the area by the men under General Geary, USA 20th Corps whose job
it was to appropriate any useful foodstuffs for he troops under General William T. Sherman, USA in
Atlanta.  This was to aid in the  buildup of supplies for the beginning of he March to the Sea a month
later. The  size of this military operation  was much larger than many would suspect.  The first wagon
train which left the area for Atlanta carried 500 wagon loads.  The second wagon train to come into
the area left with 800 wagon loads making a total of 1,300 wagon loads of food and material for the
Union Army war effort.  The folowng  records in this section detail the amount of items taken from
the area.
                             "References of the NE Henry County Actions
                               Surrounding the White Family"

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