"Zachry's Rangers Flag"

Col. Charles T. Zachry's home that he built in Beersheba District was on the hill above the
Cotton-Indian Creek on Hwy 20 before Kelleytown Rd.  This is the home where he raised volunteers
for the war.  After the war in 1870 he built the Castle Mound at Peachstone Shoals on the South River
a short distance from his former home on the Cotton-Indian Creek.  His first wife Frances Turner
whom he married in 1852 died in
1861 while Charles was away at war.  When he returned from the war in 1865 he married Elizabeth
His flag was one of the early Confederate flags made by Henry County women for the company of
volunteers.  It was on the design of the Stars and Bars.  The flag was retired after the bloody battles it
had been through.  The blood stains were still on the flag.  This flag is thought to be one of the only to
carry the Seal of Georgia on the flag.
The flag was retired and sent home.  After the Battle of Atlanta some of Sherman's raiders ransacked
his home in 1864 and took the flag back up north.  The flag was returned to Georgia in 1905.

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