How to Adopt a Cemetery

Individuals or groups can adopt cemeteries to maintain here in Henry County.  You may contact the
County Juvenile Court or The County  Zoning Dept. about cemeteries that may need work and to be
kept clean.  You can also contact churches that have cemeteries and ask if you can become a
volunteer to see that their cemeteries are kept clean and that any damage or weather related problems
are fixed.  Also, there are many local family cemeteries that are in need of attention. You can contact
the families
of the people buried in their family cemeteries. Many of these cemeteries are in need of attention also
and usually they don't mind some volunteers to help Keep their loved ones resting places clean.  So,
get out and see if you can be of support to a cemetery near you.  Even in these hard economic times it
gives a person a rewarding feeling to
be a volunteer to help make something better.

The Staff at the CRG