Bethlehem Church cemetery.

This cemetery is located at 643 Bethlehem road, which runs off of Highway 42 south in locust
Grove Georgia.  GPS coordinates N33 22.570  W084 08.762

Survey date Thursday June 7, 2007.

This cemetery dates back to the 1800's there are actually two cemeteries for this church.  The
new cemetery is on the north side of the road it is in good order.  The older cemetery on the
south side of the road shows signs of neglect.  The woods are intruding upon parts of the
cemetery.  Tombstones are being broken apart by trees growing through them.
The biggest disturbance we encountered was dirt from a construction site just west of the
cemetery being dumped within inches of graves and tombstones.  This construction site is in
conjunction with the building of the new school and rerouting the road.  The dumping of waste
dirt from a construction site we feel by Georgia code is desecration of the grave and needs to
be looked at closely by the county.

We intend to monitor this cemetery for any improvements and to make sure no other vandalism
take place.

*** CODE SECTION *** 12/03/01 36-72-4. No known cemetery, burial ground, human
remains, or burial object shall be knowingly disturbed by the owner or occupier of the land on
which the cemetery or burial ground is located for the purposes of developing or changing the
use of any part of such land unless a permit is first obtained from the governing authority of the
municipal corporation or county wherein the cemetery or burial ground is located, which shall
have authority to permit such activity except as provided in Code Section 36-72-14.