The Bryans Cemetery      Est. GPS 33 27N 84 01W

The cemetery is currently unable to be located due to the desecration
that took place nearly fifty years ago.  Elizabeth Bryans the widow of
Patrick Bryans a Revolutionary War Soldier is buried there.   Mrs.
Rainer and her son went to the site then to locate the cemetery.  She
described it as having a number of graves marked by uninscribed and
natural field stones.
The location was verified by a Henry County Court record in Deed
Book K of July 29, 1843, James Butler sells to John Bryans part of
land lot no. 52 in the 8th dist. South of the South River above the
mouth of the Nancy Creek with the exception of a certain burying
This is one of the oldest burial sites in Henry County.  The area
cannot be accessed today because it is near the old Butlers Bridge.