"Native American Site near Holbrook, Arizona"

In 1980, for some extra field experience I went to Holbrook, Arizona and spent five days on a site in
conjunction with the University of Arizona.  Dr. Harmon E. Radcliffe was the project leader of this site.
 This site pre-dated the Navajo Indian Nation that had been in the area for sometime.  His thoughts are
that the people who lived and built this section were relatives to the early cliff dwellers.  It was exciting
to see an archaeological dig of this magnitude here on the high plateau of northeastern Arizona.  Dr.
Radcliffe had been working on this site since 1977.  He was working in conjuction with the Universtiy
of Arizona, where he was a professor of archaeology, and for the  United States Department of the
Interior who owned most of the land.  This site was in and near the Petrified Forest National
Monument and this was a scientific project to understand the early Americans who lived here.