"Broomtown, Alabama Indian Village & Burial Site"

This site has been studied for years by the history and archaeology departments of the University
of Alabama.  The site lies just southwest of Broomtown in the community of
"Possum Hollow" and just NE of Gaylesville, Alabama.  The site is rich in Indian history. There
was once a village along the creek in this area.  Thousands of arrowpoints, spear points, pottery
shards, beads, and even the dwelling remains have been studied.
Also, unique to this site are the widespread cover of fossils of when this area was once
underwater.  Brachiopods, fossilized sponges, and fossilized fish bones are abundant in this area.  
This site is an archaeologsit and geologist dream.
I have been to this site many times in my life.  It is the home of my mother's family and access to
these sites is no problem.  I have helped with students from the University of Alabama with their
digs in the area.
This site will always yield artifacts because there are far too many to be found.  The  site is from
the Cherokee period and before.  There are some artifacts that have been dated to the Woodland
Indians and Mound builder period.
The burial sites which will not be disclosed due to restrictions by the State of Alabama
are in caves along the mountain ridge as well as in mound structures.