Creek Indian Site Carroll County, GA.
This area was discovered years ago by the local citizens of the area. The area is upon a hill above the
Little Tallapoosa River west of Carrollton along Hwy 166 just before
Bowdon.  The site is that of the Creek Nation.  There have been several arrowheads and spear points
found in this area.  There were also incursions by the Cherokee during their time as the area would
have been a buffer zone between the two Indian Nations.
The site and area surrounding it has been plowed and planted for years by local farmers. They report
finding all types of Indian artifacts.  The area studied during this exercise is covered in quartz and slate
deposits.  The quartz was a material favored for
making arrowpoints and spearpoints.  The site appears to be a work area to create the
arrowpoints and other tools needed by the local Native Americans.  This site is approximately 10 miles
from the area where Chief McIntosh of the Creek Nation had a home.  According to local Indian
artifact hunters there are many sites along the Little Tallapoosa River.  One of our members of the
CRG is located in the Carroll Co. area and has provided information about the sites and Indian history
of the area for our use.

Creek Indian Artifacts found 2009
Carroll Co. GA

1. 3 partial spear points. One in relatively intact condition.
2. 5 arrow points
3. 2 bird points

All the above are made of quartz material.  These items have been cataloged and will be further studied.

1. The Local History of Carroll Co.
2. The History of Chief McIntosh
3. Creek Indian History