"Chief Dirtseller's Village Chattooga, County GA

The area northwest of Lyerly, Georgia at the base of Dirtseller Mountain is the site where Chief
Dirtseller had his village.  The site was discovered many years earlier.
I got to look through the area every Spring on visit's to the site with my family.
At that time between 1968 -1972 some of the structure's foundations were still evident.  Pottery
shards were discovered in and around the area.  One interesting
site that was found atop the mountain was a stone walled structure that was 20 feet
wide and 50 feet long.  It was not understood at the time what the stone structure
was used for .   It was about 30 inches high and two feet thick.  People who live in the area know of
these local sites and have gathered artifacts from the village site for years.
Everything from Indian jewelry to arrow points. Some of the locals including my grandfather had been
finding Indian artifacts throughout the area ever since the late