"Cowee Valley, N.C. Indian Site"

I had the priviledge to be asked to study for a few days an Indian site in the Cowee Valley of North
Carolina north of Franklin,N.C. just west of Hwy 28.  The site was being examined by the University
of Western North Carolina.  The site was Cherokee
in origin and dated to about 1780.  The site would have been home to an estimated 100 inhabitants.  
A this site wsa found several artifacts with European influence.  Some very old cooking pots. There
was some good examples of colonial pottery there also.
The most interesting ws the finds of jewelry made of gold with native gem stones for ornaments.  
Rubies and Sapphires were part of the gems found to have been worked by the native Americans.  
According to the lead archaeologist the site was believed to have been there for about ten years in the
late 18th century; due to the amount of artifacts recovered and the dating placed on the items found.  
The surrounding area was native
Cherokee land and there was evidence of other sites to the east and north of this site yet to be
recovered and studied.