Creek Indian Site East of Hwy 42 on Camp Creek
                                               Surveyed 1975

A Creek Indian Site was found just east of Hwy 42 along the Camp Creek or Long  Branch in
1975.  The site was about one mile north of the McDonough City Limits at Alexander Park.  The
site was about one quarter of a mile east of the highway bridge.  Indian artifacts were found on
the north and south sides of the creek.  The site was determined to be of Creek Indian origin but
no graves could be discovered with this site.  Our group leader felt that it was a tool making site.

Artifacts found:
1. 16 arrow points
2. 15 worked pieces of quartz
3. 25 pottery shards
4. 1 stone that was worked into a plow

The area today is within the city limits of McDonough and much of it has been disturbed by  
developed since the area was searched 35 years ago.