"Early Road System"

The early roads and trails that led across Georgia  were usually following the old Indian
trails.  These are the routes taken by the early settlers of Georgia.  These roads were crude and
dangerous.  Many people lost their lives traveling into the wilderness.  They did not know how they
would be accepted by the native American Indian tribes.  Also,
there were wild animals present then that are not here today that were a threat along some of these
The enclosed map from 1932 will show an overlay of the early roads and trails of 1730-1850.  There
are some of these roads and trails that can still be found today across the area.  We have to
appreciate the sacrifices  these early settlers made as
they moved into an unknown and sometimes hostile region.
Look for example at how the early trail came across Henry County.  Today's Miller's
Mill Road is along the path of this early Indain trail.