"Henry-Spalding County Line Creek Indian Burial Site"
                                           Discovered 1972

There was a site discovered in July 1972 on the Henry-Spalding County Line.  Indian artifacts were
scattered around a small spring head.  Arrow points, pottery shards, and beads were found around
the area.  Two stone covered mounds were discovered and were the graves of the Creek Indians
who lived in the area.  This site today is south of the Cole Resevior and is on private property.  This
area was once owned by the Smith Family whose remains of their homestead were torn down in
1972.  Around the old house were found several musket balls that were probably used by the owner
for hunting in the area.  There is also a family cemetery dating from the 1800's near the Indian site that
is also on private property.  Access will not be granted.  The grave site is that of the Smith Family
and is enclosed by an iron fence.

Artifacts Found
1. 5 quartz arrow points
2. 2 flint arrow points
3. 15 pieces of pottery shards
4. 6 carved beads