Historic Old Road in Henry County
A historic marker was placed on April 15, 1954 to commemorate the Old Stagecoach Road.  The
marker is just over the county line in Clayton County.
The road, one of the oldest in the State of Georgia, was first an Indian Trail.  It connected the
Hightower Trail to the Etowah Mounds and Cherokee Country to the north  and the trails to the
South connecting Coweta Falls (Columbus) and the Chief
McIntosh Homeson the Chattahoochee River at Whitesburg and the Creek Indian Villages of Middle
Georgia.  During the days of the Stagecoach the road was used from Decatur to Panthersville, to
Morrow, Jonesboro, and Fayetteville on to Columbus.  The southern route took the Stagecoach Rd
down to Old Concord Church at Stockbridge then on to McDonough.  There are sections of the
Stagecoach Road still intact in extreme NW Henry County and into NE Clayton County.  The Old
Stagecoach Road ends today at Valley Hill Road.  This piece of history is an important link to the
past and a link to using Indian trails for our roads even today.

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