Indian Mounds Removed for Resevior

Back in the early 1950’s Clayton County was planning to build a resevior in Henry County just southeast of
Stockbridge on the Little Cotton-Indian Creek.  The man who owned the property called the anthropologist and
archaeologist from Atlanta to see about three Indian Mounds on his property where the lake would be built.

They came and found that the mounds had not been disturbed and they removed the skeletal remains as well as
other items of interest.  They removed weapons, pottery, jewelry and other items that would have been buried with
these Indians.

The owner of the property said that after the remains and artifacts had been removed then work began on the
lake.  It was a good thing they removed them because it flooded the area where the graves were located.

One item that was discovered during the excavation was a very nicely carved stone effigy of a Native American.  
Somewhere very close to this site along the Little Cotton-Indian Creek there would have been a substantial
village.  Some feel that it was back along the Pates Creek where a village was found.  This area was in the Eagles
Landing Subdivision.  But it was likely that the village was very close to the site of the graves.