"Lovejoy Indian Site"

There was an Indian site found along the waters of the Walnut Creek in Lovejoy, Georgia through the
property where La Costa Mobile Home Park is located in 1993.  Before the southern section of the
park was developed Indian artifacts were discovered.
(See Photos below).   Also, on a hill above the creek was a stone covered Indian grave.
The site was pretty much in tact.  This is also the area that saw action during the Civil War.  The
artifacts were scattered upon the ground and appear to be quite old. There were arrow points, beads,
and pottery shards at this location.  These artifacts indicate that the early Americans lived in this area
long before the white settlers began arriving.
This site was studied over a period of weeks before construction began to expand the mobile home
park. This site is now lost to development and will never be able to search
it again because what artifacts remained were destroyed or buried forever.