Mays Corner Tool Site

At the corner of Hwy 138 and Hwy 42 north of present day Stockbridge was the corner
known locally as Mays Corner after the family.  There was an Indian site here where
tools were made and fashioned for their needs.  There was a large natural outcropping
of quartz on the property.  The land move uphill to a point and more outcroppings of
quartz is all around the area.  The stone was easy for the Indians to work into spear and
arrow points as well as other tools.

At the site we looked at in 1975 we found several tools that had been in the process of
construction but were either broken or not finished. Several plow stones and axe heads
were found here.  There was a wealth of arrow and spear points on this site.  Many were
broken likely during the creation process.  These points were nicely fashioned though by
a very skillful group.

Many of the points were made of a beautiful rose colored quartz that is seen in the area.  
There had been some of this rose quartz found at Springdale Rd.  They had made
jewelry pieces from some of this quartz for its beauty.

Artifacts found:
1.38 whole and broken arrow points of various colors
2.21 spear points whole and broken of various colors
3. some jewelry pieces
4. several axe heads
5. several plow heads

These objects were taken to be examined later by the Archaic Indian Dept.
Update:  Today most of this land is covered with buildings and asphalt but there are
sections where the quartz is still exposed on the big hill.
            Arrowheads are still being found in this area today.

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