"Pates Creek Indian Site"

This site was discovered in the mid 1960's just off Tunis Rd.  The site wsa that of
one small rock covered Indian mound and the area included several arrow points and broken pottery.  
The area was Creek in origin.
The site extended along the creek bank on the southeastern  side for about 50 yards.
Many of the artifacts were made from quartz and some from flint.  The small mound
measured 10ft by 8 ft; and was at it's tallest 18 inches.
The pottery ws native clay from the area. This area would later be known as Tunis by the white settlers.
Indian artifacts recovered:
1. 4 quartz arrowpoints
2. 3 flint bird points
3. 10 pieces of pottery shards

There is likely many other artifacts that have been found at this site over the years.
Update: The site no longer exists due to development of a large gated community.