"Peeksville Road Creek Indian Site"

There was a small Creek Indian site found on the south side of Peeksville Road east of
Locust Grove, GA in 1970.  Several people had been to the site to gather arrow points, spear points
and other artifacts. If there were any Indian mounds at the site
they had long since been destroyed.  At this site was found by our group a number of items from the
Creek Nation.
They included:
1. 2 spear points of flint
2. 10 quartz arrow points
3. 1 adse
4. 1 nicely preserved stone hatchet head
5. 4 pottery shards

The items were tagged and labeled to be shipped to the University for later study.
The site was in open farmland and was easily accessible.  This would account for all the artifacts
previously removed.