Selfridge Road Creek Site

The area just below the Selfridge Road bridge on the Little Cotton Indian Creek lies a few stone
Indian mounds from the Creek Nation.  This area was home to the Creek Indians and some artifacts
from the period were found in this area.  This site is just west of where the Little Cotton Indian Creek
merges with the Big Cotton Indian Creek.  Some study was done here in 1946 and again in 1955.  
Our group searched around the area in 1975 and the artifacts found were  of flint and quartz.  Some
pottery shards were also found at this site.  The three burial sites that remained were small and almost
gone from years of neglect and erosion from creek flooding.

Artifacts found:
1. 6 flint arrowheads
2. 10 quartz arrow heads
3. 40 pieces of pottery
4. 1 stone axe

(The group searched this area for about a week in the summer of 1975 with help from the Univ.of
Alabama Anthropology Dept who were studying the connections between various elements of the
Creek Indian Nation of Georgia and Alabama.)