"Soapstone Ridge Indian Site"

In 1975, I was part of a group who were surveying a seciton of Soapstone Ridge
before development began.  The site is south of I-285 and along Bouldercrest Rd
in DeKalb County.  I was there for five days.  I helped to locate arrow points,
stone tools, and soapstone bowl fragments.
Twenty years later to the east of this area by about one and half miles a series of large grinding stones
and bowls were discovered by a family member.  This area was near
the junction of Panthersville Rd and River Road.  There were  also some Civil War artifacts found by
the property owner but he refused access to the area to anyone to
These two sites the one I was involved with and the other where a family member found are just
examples of the many artifacts from Soapstone Ridge.