The Flat Rock cemetery survey.

This cemetery is located on Flat Rock Road at the intersection of Rustic Road.
GPS coordinates N33 32.895  W 084 11.187 791 Feet Elevation.

Survey date September 27, 2007 .

This cemetery dates back to the 1800's and currently is in danger.  The Georgia Department
of Transportation is planning to widen the road.  This will put several graves in danger.  We
have contacted county and state officials about this cemetery.  The county did go by and try
to stabilize the corner where some stones were about to fall into the road.  We would like to
see a retaining wall built to hold back the earth and to protect the graves from automobile
accidents that may occur at this intersection.  Some graves are less than 10 ft. from the road
as of now.  We will keep a close eye on the cemetery as a state and county begins
construction and widening of this road.
                              "Update on Flat Rock Cemetery"
                                  September 1, 2008
                            Construction damage to cemetery

The Flat Rock Cemetery on Flat Rock Road east of Stockbridge has had some damage
done by construction equipment to the wall around a family plot.  The CRG has tried to
contact the State Department of Transportation site Manager about the damage but have
received no response.  The CRG has tried to contact the local Commissioner for the area
and has had no response.
Damage to cemeteries whether it be from vandalism or through construction should not
be taken lightly.  In this case, the road project is a joint venture between the State of
Georgia and Henry County.  The county has to do some of the work or have a
subcontractor to do the job.  When these subcontractors commit damage to a cemetery in
the line of construction then who is responsible for fixing the damage? Is it the
sub-contractor, The State, or the County?  In this case, all the above should be held
accountable for this type of damage.  The CRG will continue to monitor the situation
and see if there is any further damage to the cemetery as construction continues as there is
a Civil War Veteran buried at the very edge of the cemetery  and according to the survey
stakes this grave could be in serious danger.

The Staff at the CRG
                               "Update September 17, 2008"

The CRG has been notified by two Henry County Officials in the matter of the damage
to the Flat Rock Cemetery on Flat Rock Rd in Stockbridge .  We have been assured that
damage that has occurred through the laying of water lines along the roadway will be fixed
and better than it was before.  We want to thank District IV Commissioner Reid Bowman
and County Spokesman Tommy Smith for their assistance in this matter.  The goal of the
CRG is to see that
the history of the past is protected and will be here for future generations to see and learn
We will be monitoring the situation.

The Staff at the CRG