Flippen Site
                                                 Survey 1985

A small site was found by the property owner  along Hwy 351 (Jodeco Rd) near the railroad tracks
in Flippen.  The site was in line with another small site that had been discovered in 1974 on Dailey
Mill Rd approximately one-quarter mile to the west.
In 1974, some dropped .58 cal bullets had been plowed up in a garden in the backyard of a friend.  
He had plowed up 15 unfired bullets that appeared to have once been in a bag. In  1985, a property
owner east of this site found some more artifacts.  These were 12 unfired .58 cal bullets and notified
our group to come and investigate.  Again, these were found by the owner plowing a garden.  Since
the site was also a friend we were able to search for as long as needed.  We searched off and on for
about 23 days over a three month period.  We found several artifacts from the Civil War.  The items
found showed it likely to be a cavalry camp probably one posted there between August and
November 1864.  Metal detecting devices and screen methods were used.  Eight people were
involved with this survey and a thorough grid search was conducted.  The items from the site were
tagged and marked for shipment for further evaluation.  The railroad had come to the area 17 years
after the site was established in 1864.  The construction of the railroad likely disturbed the site further.
 From research done at the archives in Atlanta the site was likely a post of cavalry of CSA under
General Iverson who had been ordered by Gen. Wheeler CSA to guard the area south of Atlanta
after the city fell and before Gen. Sherman USA began his March to the Sea.
Artifacts discovered and logged:
1. 36 dropped .58 cal bullets
2. 27 dropped .69 cal balls
3. 18 dropped .58 cal Williams Cleaner bullets
4. 11 dropped .54 cal bullets
5. 7 dropped .36 cal pistol balls
6. 4 solid 12 Lb cannon balls (indicating artillery with this group)
7. 1 intact hotchkiss shell (again artillery)
8. 1 Georgia State Militia buckle
9. 4 brass CS eagle buttons
10. 4 picket pins
11. 7 pre-Civil War pennies 1830, 1830, 1829, 1840, 1845 1847, 1847
12. 1 very deteriorated cooking pot
13. 1 CS saber hilt
14. harmonica parts
15. 1 tin of percussion caps
16. very rusted knife blade
17. Infantry CS hat pin
18. 1 Rossette CS
19. 1 bullet mold
20. spectacle frames
21. Several horse shoes

These artifacts had been determined to be of a Cavalry camp of CS and militia  (GA)
of at least 20-30 men for a period  of at least six to eight weeks.  Very good research study and
teamwork on this site.  This was one of many sites across the area to meet the oncoming Union

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