"Civil War Train Wreck Three Miles
                                         NNE of Fort Valley, GA
                                          September 23, 1864"

Another train carrying wounded soldiers wrecked in a curve three miles NNE of Fort Valley in Peach
County, Georgia. The derailment killed 6 and wounded 37 according to the Macon Telegraph
Newspaper.  The dead were buried with other Confederate dead at Oak Lawn  Cemetery in Fort
Valley.  The memorial at the cemetery reads:
"Confederate dead here rest, known to God, more than 20."
Here is a list of those who died in the train wreck:
1. Thomas Kerlen Co. G 20th Tenn.
2. George Copeland Co. I   41st GA. Regt.
3. Lee Durden Co. A 15th Arkansas
4. N.J. Bushart Co. G 5th Tenn. Inf.
5. W. A. Sanders Co. K 6th Regt.
6. William Kirkpatrick Co. F 17th Ala.

1. Macon Telegraph of 1864.