Glass Slave Cemetery  Land Lot 2 of the 7th Dist.  GPS 33.30.796N 84.11.3570 W 783ft. Elevation.
This cemetery was located just north of Brannan Rd. near the crest of the hill on the right
Of Hwy 42 N.  There were actually two cemeteries on the property.  According to records
Of research done in 1989 both from GHAARG and from former residents of the property
There was a stone bordered grave site with  four graves and to the east of this was a larger cemetery
containing 20 graves.  The property was settled by Judge James F. Glass
Before the Civil War.  He had several slaves.  The owner who bought the property in the late 1940’s was
a Mr. F.S. Swinney who used to care for the two sites on his land.  In the late 1960’s he sold the
property and it became  the land of a Mr. E. Day.  They let the
GHAARG onto the property in the late 1980’s to do survey’s for the Civil War and
They also recognized the cemeteries on their records.  Today the sites have been destroyed by
development of a new church on the property.  The sancturary actually is
Built over 20 graves and the stone encircled graves have been pushed into a pile.  There
Have been no records found to date that show the graves were ever moved.