Gleaton Family Cemetery      Located at 915 Kelleytown Rd

This cemetery is on private property and access would have to be gained from the property owner
before entering.  The Gleatons who are buried here are as follows:

William Gleaton born in Orangeburg Co. SC  Dec. 19, 1792 died April 30, 1874.
Lucinda A. Gleaton born in Clarke Co. GA. Feb. 7, 1813, died Dec. 24, 1862.
James M. Gleaton born Jan. 9, 1840 died Sept. 17, 1866.
Outside of the granite coping is a marked grave of a child of T.J. Gleaton.

William Gleaton came alone, on horseback from Orangeburg Co SC. On the way, he came upon a
wagon which had stalled at a stream. He stopped to offer his assistance to the occupants the family
of William Maddox.  In the wagon, he spied a pretty young girl and then resolved to marry her.  
Both parties came on to Henry County settled on adjoining farms and before the year was out he
married the girl.

This cemetery is likely not to be in danger at this time.  It is on a large piece of property
and if it is sold for development then it will be in danger.  It will be watched.