Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln was born in 1809.  He would self teach himself and learn to be a lawyer.  He would  always
have bad feelings about slavery and felt men should be free.   Lincoln was a great speaker before the
seat of government in Illinois.  He ran for President and won in 1860. After the election the southern
states who had already begun leaving the Union continued and had already formed the Confederacy.  
After he took office the Civil War began.  He had a very difficult time keeping the nation together.  
This was the darkest time in our history as brother fought against brother.  After four long hard years
of was it ended. He had begun to free the slaves and after his death the Admendment to the
Constitution ended slavery.  The war had come to a close.  His life was cut short by an assassins
bullet in Washington, D.C.  at Ford's Theater in 1865.  John Wilkes Booth wsa the killer and he
would die just days later.  Lincoln would be remembered as one of the nation's greatest President's
and he and his works are studied widely today.  His greatness was forged as a young man.

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