Benjamin Franklin
This great man lived in a time where he built a nation with his ideas and brought about dramatic
changes during the early years of America.  He was an enlightened figure who knew much about the
ways of man.  He would observe then explain. He with the other founding fathers forged the path on
which this nation has been built.  He created Poor Richard's Almanac which he published some of the
very first weather records of our nation. He would discover electricity with a kite, key and storm.  He
was an agent for the colonial government.  He helped to draft the Declaration of Independence.  And
then his vision in the Constitution through the Convention.  He would be a diplomat to Europe and
bring enlightenment to everyone he dealt with.  Benjamin Franklin  would see our nation fight for its
Independence and form a Union of States form the colonies.
Franklin probably one of the wisest men of his day.  He was an all around man with a vast expanse of
gifted knowledge that led our founding Fathers to ask his advice when times were bad and the correct
path was needing clarification.   When Benjamin Franklin died in 1790 he had seen the birth of our
great nation.  A great man  who helped to form our nation and used his knowledge of science to be
well ahead of his time.


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